Strong Large Boxes

Large Box

Name: L Export
Size: L:59cm W:28cm H:38cm
Weight Capacity: 12.5Kg
Quality: Double Wall
Purpose Built: Export
Price 10 Pack: £37.99 + VAT

Strong Extra Large Boxes

Extra Large Box

Name: XL Export
Size: L:76cm W:46cm H:46cm
Weight Capacity: 25Kg
Quality: Double Wall
Purpose Built: Export
Price 10 Pack: £62.99 + VAT

Fine Black Marker

Pentel Marker

Name: Pentel Marker
Size: 14cm
Weight: 21g
Quality: N850 Permanent
Build: Fine Tip
Price Per 6: £9.99 + VAT

Premium Tape Gun

Premium Tape Gun

Name: Premium Tape Gun
Size: L:26cm W:15cm H:6cm
Weight : 410g
Quality: Metal/Plastic
Purpose: Heavy Duty
Price: £11.99 + VAT

Bubble Wrap

Bubble Wrap

Name: Bubble Wrap
Size: W:50cm
Weight: 250g
Quality: Premium Plasti
Purpose Built: Domestic/Commercial
Price 10 Metres: £9.99 + VAT

Packing Tissue Paper

Packing Tissue

Name: Packing Tissue
Size: L:40cm W:30cm
Weight: 3.7g
Quality: 17GSM Super Fine
Purpose Built: Wraping/Filling
Price 480 Sheets: £15.99 + VAT

Strong Brown Packing Tape

Brown Tape

Name: Vibac Gorilla
Size: L:66m W:5cm
Weight/Roll: 166g
Quality: Low Noise
Purpose Built: Domestic/Commercial
Price 3 Rolls: £9.99 + VAT

Shrink Wrap

Shrink Wrap

Name: Shrink Wrap
Size: L:30cm W:40cm
Weight/Roll: 1.8Kg
Quality: 17 Micron
Purpose Built: Domestic/Commercial
Price 2 Rolls: £19.99 + VAT

Clear Office Tape

Clear Tape

Name: Clear Tape
Size: L:66m W:2cm
Weight/Roll: 86g
Quality: Strong Adhesive
Purpose Built: Domestic/Office
Price 6 Rolls: £11.99 + VAT

2 Bedroom Moving Pack

2 Bedroom Moving Pack

5 Large Boxes
5 Extra Large Boxes
2 Black Pentel Markers
240 Sheets Tissue
10m Bubble Wrap
2 Rolls Brown Tape
1 Metal Tape Gun
Price: £59.99 + VAT

4 Bedroom Moving Pack

4 Bedroom Moving Pack

10 Large Boxes
10 Extra Large Boxes
3 Black Pentel Markers
480 Sheets Tissue
20m Bubble Wrap
3 Rolls Brown Tape
2 Metal Tape Guns
Price: £99.99 + VAT

6 Bedroom Moving Pack

6 Bedroom Moving Pack

15 Large Boxes
15 Extra Large Boxes
4 Black Pentel Markers
960 Sheets Tissue
30m Bubble Wrap
4 Rolls Brown Tape
3 Metal Tape Guns
Price: £144.99 + VAT

30 Strong Boxes

Packing Box Crazy 30

20 Large Boxes
10 Extra Large Boxes
Price: £84.99 + VAT

40 Strong Boxes

Packing Box Crazy 40

30 Large Boxes
10 Extra Large Boxes
Price: £104.99 + VAT

55 Strong Boxes

Packing Box Crazy 55

35 Large Boxes
20 Extra Large Boxes
Price: £154.99 + VAT

If you know what you want and how many

Our products page is for those of you who may need more, just for those homes that have larger rooms and can fit that much more. You can add a few extra packs and it won't cost you anything more for delivery. That way you have peace of mind that you won't run short and are packing on schedule.

We have individual products for you to add to your secure cart with confidence. Maybe you need an extra tape gun because you'd like one for the girls room and one for the boys room, or extra bubble wrap just to be safe your precious glass items don't break. Whatever it maybe we have you covered.

If you're still not sure give us a CALL and one of our friendly advisors will guide you to the right package.